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MWS Music Studio, located in Huntersville, NC, is owned and operated by Mark Searles. He has been involved in music since 1970, when he began taking music lessons in grade school. After studying the violin briefly in school, he switched instruments and began studying the piano privately with local music teachers in Waterbury, Connecticut. In high school, Mark discovered a passion for the guitar which is still his primary instrument today.

Mark played lead and rhythm guitar with several bands throughout New England before relocating to the Charlotte, NC area in 1993. Currently, Mark can be seen performing on guitar, guitar synthesizer, and background vocals as a member of the Charlotte based Center City Groove band.

Teaching Philosophy

MWS Music Studio's philosophy is to tailor music lessons to each individual's goals. For example, we have students that only want to learn their favorite songs, some to learn how to solo over chord changes, others want the complete package of learning music reading, music theory, chords, common chord progressions, scales/modes, arpeggios, solo improvisation etc. Whatever your goals, we can help!

Mark Searles